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Practice Management and Development Review

An intense experience that examines key aspects of the management and development of your business, designed to deliver top quartile (and above) industry results. A twelve-month strategic plan is created that ensures your goals are achieved. Your return on investment for this service should be substantial.

Guided Coaching Programme

A structured one-on-one programme that delivers you pre-set goals in the areas that are important to you and your firm. Expect your business Key Performance Indicators to increase dramatically. The programme includes unlimited email and phone support.

Client Advisory Board

A selection of hand-picked clients meet with Viv Brownrigg to answer a wide variety of pre-planned questions. You discover the client service issues that need addressing. A CAB is a pre-requisite to implementing new services, identifying service perception gaps, establishing fee sensitivity (or the lack of it) and accelerating your income.

Business Managers Forum

Your Practice and Business Managers can join their peers in a web based forum.  Held quarterly these forums enable your Business Managers to accelerate their management and development skils in a trusted environment.

Accounting Practice Start-ups

Viv works with start-up accounting businesses to help them accelerate their growth and development, implement the right practice management technologies and identify the strategies that will ensure they achieve their personal, business and financial objectives.

Partner Acquisition

We operate an exclusive Partner Search, assisting you to recruit your future partner and guide them through the practice buy-in process, culminating in execution of purchase and shareholder agreements.

Practice Valuations

We provide expert valuation advice and maintain an extensive register of practice sales benchmarking data.

Merger Facilitation

We provide a full merger facilitation process including negotiating terms and conditions, intricate HR processes, team and client communications, transition and partner exit processes.  This is complex work requiring expert and experience based guidance and a deep understanding of human behaviours during periods of intense change. 

Practice Succession and Sale

We have become the recognised and trusted ‘go to’ organisation for helping practitioners to plan and execute the succession or sale of their business.  We work on an agreed fee basis, with the majority of our fees being success based.  No result, no fees!